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- New product introduction -

At the beginning of 2002, Walton Advanced Engineering, Inc., concentrates on the development of high density, thermally and electrically enhanced mBGA introduced and ramped up to mass production within very short time. The mBGA is a unique product for higher speed, larger memory capacity to fit high-end consumer electronics needs, such as for games- PS2, Rambus, DDR PC and Graphic applications.

Given the popularity of various consumer hand-held electronics, Walton Advanced Engineering Inc., has cooperated with strategic customers for MCP technology. The main one is to stack 2 or above dice into one laminated to effectively reduce the assembly space by more than 70% compared with traditional way. It is close to final qualification stage by customers and is expected to start mass production by the end of 2002.

In addition to traditional products such as PLC, QFP, SOP 330/450 mils, and TSOP II 300/400 mils in lead-frame solutions, Walton advanced Engineering offers an extensive set of products including LFBGA, TFBGA,VFBGA, Trench BG, and MCP that belongs to CSP laminate product series.



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