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Testing Service

Walton Advanced Engineering Inc. test plant is equipped with comprehensive test functions. The product lines include memory test, burn-in, chips probe for 6 & 8" wafer and drop shipment to end- users. Owning close to 100 sets of advanced testers, such as Advantest T5592 could support to 4Gbit below memory size plus 1GMHZ speed and others like 5585, 5581, 5371 and 5365 series, total capacity is in leading edge in worldwide.

Supported memory products

Dynamic Rams- Static colume, Nibble mode, Page mode, Fast page, Hyperpage (EDO), SDRAM, DDR-SDRAM, FCRAM, mBGA and Rambus Statics Rams- SSRAM, PSRAM, VPSRAM, DPSRAM, Shadow RAM ROMs, EPROMs (Parallel), EEPROMs (Parallel) and Flash (Nor and Nand)

Primary Capabilities

Utilize common testers to support different products - Dramatic investment reduction for customers

Product character test and analysis

Development, writing and converting of product testing program

Verification of the differences of varied test machine models

Improvement of testing yield by teamwork with customers

Reduction of testing time - cost savings for customers



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